Homeopaths told to dilute their website claims

The Advertising Standards Authority’s remit has been expanded to include online marketing, and it looks like homeopaths are among the first organisations in the firing line: the Authority is telling them to remove “marketing claims that refer to, or imply, the efficacy of homeopathy for treating or helping specific health conditions.” The ASA isn’t entirely toothless here: it can order the removal of paid-for and sponsored links to offending websites, and intends to name and shame offenders online – which could play merry hell with search engine marketing.





0 responses to “Homeopaths told to dilute their website claims”

  1. Hunnymonster

    Surely diluting their claims will only make them stronger? Isn’t that how homÅ“opathy is supposed to work…

  2. If they take the website down entirely, everyone will believe it.

  3. Gary

    My favourite Bin Laden death joke was the one about homeopaths: they worried that by burying him at sea, the whole world would become terrorist.