There’s fraud prevention, and there’s sheer stupidity. Guess which one my bank’s going with?

I spent some money at the weekend. I bought some food in the same supermarket I always buy food. I got some diesel in the same petrol station I always get diesel from. I got some cash from the same cash machine I always get cash from. And because of this, my bank put a fraud prevention hold on the same debit card it always puts a fraud prevention hold on.

I understand the value of fraud prevention, but my bank puts a stop on my card roughly twice a month – and the first sign anything’s gone wrong isn’t the phone call from the bank, but the refusal of your debit card. It’s embarrassing, inconvenient and utterly ridiculous, and apparently there isn’t a single thing I can do about it.

Is anyone else getting annoyed by overzealous card protection systems, or is this just another part of the Giant Global Conspiracy To Piss Me Off?