How to get Logic Pro 8 or Logic Express 8 to work on Mac OS X Lion

If you’ve got Logic Pro 8 and upgrade to Lion, your software stops working and your Mac will tell you that your software is no longer supported. There is a way around that.

If the Logic Pro Help site linked above is down and you’re in a hurry, here’s the advice. Run Terminal and type:

open /Applications/Logic\\ Pro

For Logic Express, just replace “Pro” with “Express” (including in the .app bit). Your program should now run and work. Don’t close the Terminal window until you’re finished.

I’m not entirely sure why Apple has blocked the app entirely rather than simply told you that it’s no longer supported – third-party plugin/hardware, presumably – but given that I’ve just shelled out for the upgrade to Logic Pro 9 because of the block, I’m pretty pissed off.

If Apple brings out Logic Pro X in a few weeks I may end up shooting Steve Jobs.