A plague on all their houses

Simon from No Rock’n’Roll fun does a typically excellent job of skewering Microsoft and Apple for their blatant attempts to capitalise on Amy Winehouse’s death:

Arguably, acknowledging people would have been searching the store for her music anyway and making it easier to find is slightly less ghoulish than using her death to try and market your entire store as a way of “memorialising” Winehouse, but it’s a slim distinction and neither Microsoft or Apple have come out of this with their dignity intact.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post sinks ever lower in my estimation with this appalling piece of business bullshit:

Amy Winehouse’s Untimely Death Is a Wake Up Call for Small Business Owners
…whether you are a pop star, a plumber or a business consultant, the same rules still apply: you are the product. And if that’s the case, you are going to need to take really good care for yourself if you want your business to succeed.

And Mashable shows that the definition of tech journalism will happily include terrorist slaughter and the untimely death of addicts if there are clicks to be harvested. As PostDesk puts it:

initially, there was no attempt even to add a ‘tech angle’ to the story – it was a case of simply getting the story out for a cheap and nasty traffic boost.