The Booth at the End: genuinely gripping TV

I know I’m late to this, but if you haven’t seen The Booth at the End, it’s well worth your time. The series is available in its entirety online, and I loved three things about it: the economy of the writing, Xander Berkeley’s acting, and the clever way separate strands begin to interleave.

Here’s a review from The Guardian:

A man (Xander Berkeley, delivering a performance so brilliant it should be used as an acting masterclass) sits at the end booth in an anonymous diner. People come to him with problems. He offers them each a deal. They must perform a task – rob a bank to be prettier, kill a stranger’s child to save a cancer-stricken son – tell him the details, and they will get what they want. Whether they agree and fulfil their side of the bargain is entirely up to them.