Scottish blog roundup: trumping Trump, climate change and cBeebies

I volunteered to do this week’s Scottish blogging roundup, which – as the name suggests – is a digest of interesting blog posts by or about Scots.

You can’t accuse the Scottish blogosphere of parochialism: this week alone it’s been pondering matters of life and death, architectural vandalism, online identity, climate change, gender politics, coalition cuts and which one of the In The Night Garden characters you’d do if you really had to.





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  1. > in a week when Scottish Power promised to up energy prices by 19%

    But that’s got very little to do with fossil fuel prices. That’s been caused by the insane perverse incentives set up by the wind energy sector. The Reg had a good piece on it t’other day.

    Although the Mail reported on the mini Ice Age story, they didn’t come up with it. It comes from the US National Solar Observatory, the US Air Force Research Laboratory, and NASA. These aren’t quacks, and don’t become quacks just because the Mail report their words.

    I actually think it’s really interesting. Those who claim sunspots have a bigger influence on climate cycles than greenhouse gases are about to see their hypothesis rigorously tested. I honestly think they’ve got better historical evidence on their side already, but mere historical evidence is about to become moot. Prediction is everything in science, and so far the carbon obsessives have a miserable track record on that front. If the sunspot crowd can make a solid prediction at this point and it comes true, that’ll be huge. Whether they’re right or wrong, we should know for sure soon. Good to live though it: it’ll be like Newton and the supernova all over again.

  2. My deepest apologies for the HTML fuck-up. That’s not happened to me in years. How embarrassing.

  3. Gary

    > But that’s got very little to do with fossil fuel prices.

    I don’t think perverse incentives are having as much of an effect as rising wholesale prices, firms assuming the middle east instability is going to continue/get worse and our increasing reliance on imported gas. Energy wholesalers fucking everyone over for profit is hardly a new development.

    As far as the ice age goes, I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing. The Mail ice age story in the linked blog was based on a 2008 Nature story. More about it here:

  4. Gary

    Fixed it for you.

  5. How odd. I saw mention of news of an impending mini ice age and just crazily assumed that it must be the possible impending mini ice age that was actually making news right now. How typically incompetent of The Mail to manage to put the right headline on the wrong story.

  6. Gary