LA Noire: not Grand Theft Ellroy after all

You know that LA Noire game? I’ve got it. It’s rubbish.

Well, maybe not rubbish. Tedious and annoying might be a better way to put it. The facial capture technology is extraordinary, but that’s about it. I was hoping for Grand Theft Ellroy, XBLA Confidential, but I just got bored.

A more intelligent critique from the inimitable Richard Cobbett is over here:

…oh, LA Noire can be a painful game. Let’s start with Cole Phelps himself, deeply unlikeable guy that he is. He’s 80% the most tedious square in the history of heroes, with the other 20% mostly squidged together like some kind of chimera made from utter, total dicks. Every single ‘mistake’ I have made in this whole game has been a direct result of Phelps being either a moron or an asshole, and usually both.