“I swear if someone touches my kids I’ll do time”

I’m increasingly convinced that, with the honourable exception of this site, you should never read beyond the end of a product listing or online article. Comments are where the crazies live.

As you may have noticed, Kate McCann has written a book about her daughter’s abduction and the aftermath. Over to you, Amazon reviewer Matthew Charles.

I dont understand why this particular case is of such high knowing, kids get kidnaped all the time and while yes it is sad escpeically for the parents, i dont get why this one is so important.

plus no one seems to mention the fact that the parents left their children alone in a hotel room while they went out for dinner, everyone seems to leave out that little detail.

and if u ask me its a little sick to publish a book, if peopel really think all the money is goign to the cahrity then… thats just ridiculous thinking.

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Prolific reader Matthew has reviewed one other book, Pat Reeat’s “Whatever happened to the English?”, which he reckons is “truly a work of art”. He says:

An incredibly well written take on modern england… oh sorry I meant “united kingdom” no doubt the police will arrest me for making that simple mistake rather than stopping actual crime.
What has this country come too!!!?????

Indeed. What has it come too!!!?????


[The quote in the title is from Private Eye – it’s a running joke in the magazine’s From The Message Boards section.]