American spellings drive me crazy

I was in Glasgow last night. There’s a new hotel being built next to Renfrew Street, and it has some cool, hip brochure copy on the windows to get you excited. It’s a call to “travelers”.


I was driving home the other day, and just after Crow Road there’s a billboard that currently promotes a new dentist. It’s a new and exciting dental “center”.


I don’t know why this annoys me so much, but it does: it’s not endearing like an extra apostrophe turning tomatoes into tomatoe’s and pizzas into pizza’s, and it’s not a genuine typo like the ones you’ll occasionally spot on the sides of builders’ vans. It’s just bloody lazy, the result of firms either copying American copy without checking the spellings or, like I suspect Microsoft did with its Media Center, thinking “you know what? We can’t be bothered changing it. Screw you!”