What’s worth reading while I’m recovering?

I won’t be using computers for a week or two after tomorrow’s hand surgery, but I will have my trusty iPad/Instapaper combination to keep me occupied and amused. Anything you’ve seen that I – or anyone else who hangs around here – should seek out (I’ve already cherry-picked my way through Kevin Kelly’s 100 Best Magazine Articles post and obvious stuff such as Wired’s look at the Apple/AT&T power struggles)?

I’d appreciate any suggestions for longish, interesting articles on pretty much any subject other than sport.





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  1. Gary

    Thanks. I don’t know if it works (it may be password protected), but this says it’s an RSS feed of my “read later” queue in Instapaper. If you use it, you can see stuff I’ve read and starred by adding gary@bigmouthstrikesagain.com.

  2. Gary

    And this should be an RSS feed of the stuff I’ve read and starred as worth reading. I haven’t been using it too much but I’m going to start.

  3. Which I can add (the starred one) to my RSS reader, but ideally would be able to combine with my Instapaper Read Later feed.

  4. Gary

    I’m sure the mobile versions enable you to add an RSS feed or two to your instapaper queue, but it’s not recommended for busy ones.

  5. You can always do a lot worse than flicking through the Achewood archives. And right now, I’d particularly recommend the archives because the current storyline is shite.

    I know I already shown you the Antonia Quirke Jeff Bridges interview, but in general you can do a lot worse than searching for anything by Quirke and reading it. Her radio review column for the New Statesman is consistent comedy genius.

  6. “I already shown”? Jesus wept, but I’m tired.

  7. Oh, I see that my first comment is awaiting moderation, presumably due to linkage. That second comment must come across as a bit weird of me, then.

  8. “Monday Note” usually has two good essays, lots of archives:


  9. Also- Clay Shirky’s stuff is good long form writing, I just wish he’d write a little more often:


  10. andi

    A decent blog about london n stuff is DiamondGeezer (going 6 years and no ads)


    Theres a lot about london transport but its all well written, interesting and daily

  11. andi

    or with more pictures than reading