Let’s be honest, it’s not the kind of scar that’s going to impress women

It’s been two weeks since my carpal tunnel decompression, everything’s healing nicely and if it weren’t for the fact my left hand’s gone completely pain crazy – it’s been doing the work of two hands for a fortnight and has developed the same symptoms as my right, with added pain just to make things interesting – I’d be quite chirpy. The operation was quick and perfectly pleasant, the scar’s going to be a tiny thing, and while I can’t exactly go around punching nuns I can type, peel potatoes, hold a pint glass, drive cars… the important things, really.

I need to keep my computer use light for a bit longer, so I doubt I’ll be blogging for a bit yet, but I wanted to say thanks for the reading recommendations and for the good wishes. They were very much appreciated.

PS I’ve filed this under “cuttings”. I’m hilarious, me.