Toy Story 3 made me blub

Don’t let the ridiculous range of Toy Story 3-themed adverts and product tie-ins – my favourite WTF so far is Toy Story 3 kitchen roll, and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before someone brings out Toy Story 3-branded hammers, compost bins and surgical trusses – put you off; Toy Story 3 is a wonderful, magical film, and if you’re a parent you’ll cry like a baby throughout. Which can be a bit embarrassing.

Peter Bradshaw, in The Guardian, has a lovely way of describing it:

it’s an effortlessly superior family movie. We grownups, however, may have to gulp back our tears and somehow keep it together in front of the kids: just like the toys who revert to blank grins when their owners come back into the bedroom.

I saw it in 2D – it was my daughter’s first trip to the movies, and I figured the cinema experience was big and exciting enough without potentially scary 3D and fiddly specs – but I quite fancy seeing it again in three dimensions.





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  1. I had a lot of problems with Toy Story. Really thought it was over-rated. But, thought the second one was fantastic. (Unlike the blummin Godfather; a sequel that IS better.) Looking forward to this lots.

  2. Gary

    I am something of an expert on the Toy Story canon, as I’ve been forced to watch the first two approximately 200 million bajillion times. IMO the higher the number, the better the film. 3 is the most adult of the three.

  3. Fair play to John Lasseter for being the great pioneer and all, but fact is the films he directs are Pixar’s least good ones. One of his great talents is for hiring people who make even better films than he does.

    I preferred 1 to 2, but 3 is miles better than both. But I still don’t think the blub factor comes close to the start of Up, which goes past being merely sad and enters harrowing territory.

    I do prefer The Godfather 2 to the first one, but I first saw The Godfather when they took the whole lot, re-edited them into chronological order, and broadcast it as a miniseries, so I actually think of it as the first one.

  4. Gary

    Cars was one of his, wasn’t it? I think you’re right about his hring even smarter people.

    What is it about kid films and death? Up is just the latest in a long line of traumatic tot films.

  5. I think Cars is his best. A Bug’s Life is Pixar’s worst. Bad script.

    Kids get death, it seems. A much easier-to-understand Bad Thing than financial ruin or blackmail or career hell or whatever. It’s us adults who find it traumatic.

    And I don’t think Up is a kid’s film. Pixar have stopped making those — to the extent they ever did — and now make films for all ages, which is a much better plan.

  6. On the subject of kids’ films, Daisy has unfortunately got into Cinderella lately and we’ve had to watch it loads of times. Quite apart from all the schmaltzy Disney shite, the message is just awful. It relentlessly equates lack of beauty with nastiness of character. And the prince is presented as the ideal man despite having so few lines he’s not even a character in the film, just a prop. You think a lot of fairy stories are that way, but it really takes the biscuit. It’s a terrible, obnoxious, disgusting piece of propaganda to be shown to kids. Makes me want to agree with Germaine Greer.

  7. Gary

    Yeah, a lot of kid movies are quite toxic. Some books too – I’ve just read one about a family of mice whose dad has decided it’s time his daughter was married to the most powerful man in the world. As you do.

  8. Gary

    > And I don’t think Up is a kid’s film

    Yeah, family film is a better term I think.