Toy Story 3 made me blub

Don’t let the ridiculous range of Toy Story 3-themed adverts and product tie-ins – my favourite WTF so far is Toy Story 3 kitchen roll, and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before someone brings out Toy Story 3-branded hammers, compost bins and surgical trusses – put you off; Toy Story 3 is a wonderful, magical film, and if you’re a parent you’ll cry like a baby throughout. Which can be a bit embarrassing.

Peter Bradshaw, in The Guardian, has a lovely way of describing it:

it’s an effortlessly superior family movie. We grownups, however, may have to gulp back our tears and somehow keep it together in front of the kids: just like the toys who revert to blank grins when their owners come back into the bedroom.

I saw it in 2D – it was my daughter’s first trip to the movies, and I figured the cinema experience was big and exciting enough without potentially scary 3D and fiddly specs – but I quite fancy seeing it again in three dimensions.