The Facebook movie is just the start

Nevermind The Social Network; what if other websites were films? You know the jokes before I make ’em:

Shit my dad says

Fictionalised biography of a man whose dad doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Starring Prince Harry.






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  1. Prince Charles, you say?

    In 1996, the Prince of Wales asked me to cook for him. It was to be a grand affair, with the violinist Vanessa Mae entertaining Prince Charles’s 200 guests.

    The performing seal prospect seemed even more chilling than usual. The heir to the throne gave me a confident handshake and said, “Bonjour Monsieur White…” For three minutes I listened to his monologue, each and every word of it in French. I just nodded along – it would have been rude to interrupt – and he handed me a little collection of books about Highgrove, each inscribed to “Monsieur Pierre White’.

    “I’m terribly sorry, sir,” I said, “but I’m not French. I grew up on a council estate in Leeds…” He looked at his assistant as if to say “You’ve ––––ing done it this time, boy. You’ve made me feel like the biggest prick in history.”

  2. Gary

    Hahahahahahah, that’s hilarious.