Not all comments are welcome at the Daily Mail

I tried to comment on a Daily Mail article earlier. It’s a report about the inquest into the death of a young woman from a heart attack, and the report goes into quite a lot of detail because – and here is the “public interest” bit – she was sexually aroused and watching pornography when she died.

As one poster on put it:

instead of simply putting up a brief article saying that she died of a sudden heart arrhythmia and that foul play isn’t suspected, they have to print every freaking detail down to her state of dress, the sex toys, the laptop showing porn, etc. Her family and friends are devastated by this, and now she’s been turned into an international joke because a bunch of reporters thought it would be funny to point at the woman who died fapping.

I tried to put a comment on the article – you should be ashamed of yourselves for printing this – but for some mysterious reason the comments system is running very slow today and spent several hours saying that no comments had been submitted. Now the commenting bit has been removed altogether. Funny that.