If I had a credit card, I’d probably be buying an electric drum kit right now

Not that I can afford one, or play one, or find anywhere to put one, but I’d really like one anyway. For the sake of my hands it’s probably for the best.

This is just a quick post to apologise yet again for the lack of blogging, and for the rather abrupt emails I’ve been sending lately. I’m waiting to see a hand surgeon at the end of this month; for now I’m on high doses of Ibuprofen so I can work, but the hands aren’t really up to any extra-curricular typing. I’m 99% sure it’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and while pain is a relatively infrequent symptom it doesn’t take much time before my hands do a weird seizing-up thing that makes it hard to type.

There’s a certain irony to all of this: nine months ago I quit smoking for the good of my health, and thanks to the weight I put on and the fact I no longer get up from the computer every 30 mins for a smoke, my RSI has gone from minor irritant to probably-needs-surgery. Thanks, not-smoking! Thanks a bunch!





0 responses to “If I had a credit card, I’d probably be buying an electric drum kit right now”

  1. The prices on electric drumkits are currently incredible.

    All the best with your hands.

  2. mupwangle

    Is that a good or bad incredible?

    If one could be arsed one could connect one’s Guitar hero drums via midi to one’s computer. Can’t be arsed though. :-)

  3. Gary

    I think he means good incredible. Entry level’s 500 new, and if you’re careful and spend that second-hand you can pick up a proper pro-level one. When I have money and space I’m going to have a wee home studio with leccy drums in it :)

  4. mupwangle

    When I was a kid I always wanted electronic drums. Then I realised that I sucked.

  5. They’re currently cheap enough that I persuaded people to club together and get me some for Christmas. The prices are even better than Gary says: entry-level is about £200. Now, obviously, that’s not a brilliant kit, but neither is it all that bad, and the great thing is that all the triggers and brains are interchangable. So you can get a dirt cheap kit with all the frame and everything, then occasionally upgrade single pads as you get better and think it’s worth doing so. And as long as the brain’s got MIDI-out (and most of them have), the sounds are upgradable very very easily.

    And yes, Guitar Hero kits can be connected to standard drum brains, although I think you need an adapter for the bass trigger.