I think you’re fat

This article in Esquire cracked me up. It’s about Radical Honesty, a movement started by psychotherapist Brad Blanton. The idea is simple: stop lying, and stop filtering. If you think it, you should say it.

I e-mail Blanton to ask if I can come down to Virginia and get some pointers before embarking on my Radical Honesty experiment. He writes back: “I appreciate you for apparently having a real interest and hope you’re not just doing a cutesy little superficial dipshit job like most journalists.”

I’m already nervous. I better start off with a clean slate. I confess I lied to him in my first e-mail — that I haven’t ordered all his books on Amazon yet. I was just trying to impress upon him that I was serious about his work. He writes back: “Thanks for your honesty in attempting to guess what your manipulative and self-protective motive must have been.”





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  1. People who say they speak as they find and are somehow proud of it

  2. Gary

    Haha :) That song makes 99% of my blog posts obsolete.

  3. McGazz

    Funny article, cheers for that.

    There was a great Absolutely sketch where Jack Docherty is advised to be completely honest. [Total honesty]I can’t be arsed looking to see if it’s on Youtube[/total honesty]

  4. Gary

    Oh, I loved Absolutely. I’ll check it out when I’m not buried under work I shouldn’t be distracted from :)

  5. Ben

    I like Jedward.

    There I’ve said it.

    See, it’s easily to lie ;)

  6. Wow. Esquire‘s blocked by my work. “Intimate apparel/Swimsuit”, apparently. Considering some of the stuff that isn’t blocked, that’s kind-of insane. Considering the general level of conversation, it’s flat-out pointless.