The Trouble With Harry

BBC News:

Police have arrested two women after they tried to take the body of a dead relative onto a plane at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

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Don’t try and be sophisticated, we know you really wanted to call this post “Weekend at Bernie’s”…

Heh, indeed. I emailed my dad and he replied with this:

I worked with a guy years ago whose mother-in-law died whilst they were on holiday in Spain. This was in the ’70s when relationships weren’t that good and he figured that they would have hassle getting the body shipped back.
So, they propped mum up in the back seat and drove to Gibraltar and reported her dead there. Problem was that they were about 400 miles away and had a long drive in the heat and in the meantime, mum started to release bodily
fluids like dead people tend to. He said that when they were queuing for the border controls at Gib they had to try and keep the windows closed to
keep out the flies, but couldn’t stand the smell.

The details are fuzzy, but – ewwwwwww.

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