In my sleep I grind my teeth

UK indie-rock fans of a certain age will be have Therapy?’s “Teethgrinder” in their heads right now, but this isn’t an indie-rock thing. It’s a weird health thing.

I appreciate this is a long shot, but does anybody have any idea why I might be tensing up like crazy whenever I go to sleep? I keep waking up and my arms are pushing with all their might against the mattress or, if I’m on my back, my hands are trying to push themselves through my ribs and into my chest cavity. It certainly isn’t deliberate, I’ve no idea why I do it, and I’m pretty sure it’s  ruining my sleep and exascerbating the carpal tunnel syndrome-a-like symptoms I’m getting in my hands.

More to the point, does anybody know how I can stop it?





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  1. mupwangle

    Ruth does that, but mainly when she’s stressed.

  2. mupwangle

    The teeth thing rather than the gymnastics.

  3. It might be time to try yoga.

  4. Gary

    Yoga? Really?

  5. Everyone I know who has gotten into it raves about it. There is a bit of a “culture” about it that is a little precious, but you should be able to find a simpatico instructor. Some of my old basketball buddies (now in their late 50’s) have used it to to make a transition to low-impact workouts and were surprised by how much their overall health improved. I should do it myself, but I haven’t made the commitment yet.

  6. Juggling is great for relaxing your arms and shoulders and your mind. Whether the effect persists while you’re asleep, though, I have no idea.

  7. Gary

    That’s interesting, thanks. Flexible is something I’m not. Think my gym might do free classes actually…