Are Scots party manifestos misleading?

I haven’t seen the manifestos yet, but I’m assuming this post is correct because I’ve seen similar things on various blogs: the various Scottish political parties are giving lots of space in their manifestos to things that have bugger-all to do with May’s election. For example:

The SNP manifesto, published today, is largely a responsible document, focused on the issues reserved to Westminster – which is what will concern those elected to serve there in the General Election on May 6th.

Then, at the end of it, comes a substantial section entitled: ‘Supporting the Scottish Government’ – and here we go again: into the territory of the devolved powers that are nothing to do with Westminster and nothing to do with this election.

Here we have business, social housing, jobs, transport, education, skills, renewable energy, economic development and the rural economy, health and communities.

These are entirely the responsibility of the Scottish Government and are not matters over which those elected to Westminster will have responsibility.