That’s not a paywall. That’s a taking-the-piss-wall

After reading Mupwangle’s comment regarding The 4 of Us (in the Anorak’n’Roll thread further down the page), I decided to try and find out from the horse’s mouth why the band went completely off the radar in the mid-90s. There isn’t much online, but I did find a link to a recent interview in Hot Press (Ireland’s equivalent of the NME) that might have been worth reading. Unfortunately it turns out that the piece is behind a paywall, and there’s not even an extract, not even a paragraph, to indicate whether it’s going to be worth paying to read. So how much does Hot Press expect me to pay?

This article is now part of the archive. To access this article you need to subscribe to for the bargain price of €20 or be a subscriber to Hot Press Magazine.

Even by Irish standards, twenty euros seems rather pricey.



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