Odds and sods

Just a few things:

* Running a WordPress blog? Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade! Yet another hack attack hitting self-hosted WP installs, and the only way to stop it is to ensure you’re running the most recent version (2.8.4).

* If you need bits for your car, I’d thoroughly recommend Breakeryard.com. You tell it what you need, it emails its network of breaking yards, it emails you when one of its yards finds what you need, and it tells you the price and P&P up front. Brilliant.

* Doves are superb live. The Zutons are pretty good too, although they don’t have enough good songs for a full set IMO. Ocean Colour Scene, amazingly, are even more shite live than they are on record.

* Another sign I’m getting old: I remember when it was possible to buy car things in garages and motorway service stations. Now it’s all pasties, horrible blankets and iPod chargers. Heaven forfend anyone might want something more practical, such as wiper blades.

* The new issue of Wired UK has a great feature about fraud investigators.

* It’s amazing how good the iPhone 3G is in areas where you’ve actually got decent 3G coverage. You can feel the phone becoming less and less useful the further north you go.

* Don’t upgrade to snow leopard if you’ve got an HP printer that you need to use regularly. There are *loads* of HP models for which drivers aren’t yet available, which is exceptionally annoying.

And that’s it. I’m ill so I’m going to go and feel sorry for myself while munching cold & flu tablets.