Lily Allen, Halo 3 ODST

Today’s Guardian reports that Lily Allen’s blog had been removed due to online abuse, but neglects to mention that the abuse was over her own copyright infringement.

Earlier in the day Lily Allen, one of the few younger artists to speak out against online piracy, said she was dropping her public campaign against copyright theft because “the abuse was getting too much”. She had set up a blog “It’s Not Alright” – in reference to her first album Alright, Still – collating artists’ views after her comments that “filesharing is a disaster” for new talent. In its statement last night the FAC, expressed support for Allen and condemned “the vitriol that has been directed at her in recent days”.

Anyone else spot the irony of artists criticising the vitriol directed at, er, copyright thieves? It’s hard to disagree with my esteemed colleague Karl Hodge on this one: – Lily’s blog down, comments gone, her wolf-cry of abuse taken at face value, discussion ends, revisionism begins.

The link he’s included is to The Word magazine, which shouts “misogyny” – even though the abuse was largely on other sites, not Allen’s; the abuse only became intense when she ignored reasonable comments; and the abuse is a fraction of the shit heaped on Lars Ulrich over Napster. As far as I’m aware, Mr Ulrich is not a lady.

It’s pathetic, really: the official story is already that brave copyright fighter Lily Allen had to take down her blog after the nasty internet people called her names, when the real story is that confused copyright infringer Lily Allen deleted her blog in a fit of pique after internet people caught her “stealing” other people’s content.

Fuck’s sake.

Meanwhile, the turkeys have overwhelmingly voted in favour of Christmas. Or rather, the artists have voted in favour of three-strikes against file sharers. This will, of course, mean the end of illegal file sharing and the return of bloated musical profits, and is in no way a Canute-esque stand that won’t change a bloody thing. At least Canute was trying to prove that he *couldn’t* stop the tide.

On a completely different note, Halo 3 ODST is an interesting (flawed) experiment. I don’t think I’ve played a first-person shooter inspired by Rashomon before, and it’s an interesting way of telling a story in an action game. But by god, it’s a short story. If someone as crap at gaming as me can get through it in a few hours, l33t players will no doubt get through it in ten minutes. As Mupwangle has rightly pointed out, that’s because it was originally a Halo 3 expansion pack; unfortunately it hasn’t been priced accordingly.

It’s still fun though, if you like wandering around in the dark listening to jazz.



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  1. gbarl

    “the turkeys have overwhelmingly voted in favour of Christmas”

    Brilliant! Laughed out loud.


  2. Gary

    Heh. It’s not bloody funny though, it sounds like the FAC is teaming up with mandelson to demand “technical measures” against “unlicensed P2P networks”. Which could mean blocking entire protocols to protect a dying industry.

  3. mupwangle

    >>But by god, it’s a short story.

    That’s an increasing trend though. Games are being forgiven for having a short single player game if the multiplayer is decent. That kinda sucks if you’re not that interested in get shot by kids.

  4. >>“unlicensed P2P networks”

    A ever there’s a good bit about this at No RnR Fun.

    Do UK Music not really understand the difference between the peer-to-peer network (which may or may not be licensed) and the sharing of files without copyright owner’s permission? Do they really not understand the problem they’re trying to “solve”? Are they suggesting that the networks themselves need to be licensed, rather than the files?

    It’s insulting to call Sharkey and his chums Luddites. At least Ned Ludd understood the technology he was attacking.

  5. Gary

    I love No Rock. That’s superb.

  6. Gary

    Yeah, it’s something I encounter a lot. Decently long single-player games appear to be quite rare these days. There are a few exceptions though: Bioshock, Batman… the news that Bioshock 2 has multiplayer worries me for that reason.

  7. Squander Two

    Daisy’s just this week got into the original old Megadrive Sonic The Hedgehog games: I move left and right and she presses jump. Great fun, and it is reminding me of just how bloody good those games were: you could play for weeks trying to find all the secret passages and different routes through each level. And I did.

    I have no interest whatsoever in playing a multiplayer game with anyone not in the same room as me, and even less so with someone I don’t know.

  8. What Lily’s example has done is, sadly, underline her own immaturity and lack of depth. The way she’s gone about this from start to finish highlights the fact that native intelligence is no substitute for rational, analytical thinking.