Let’s kick Lily Allen off the net

It’s always embarrassing when a campaigner against copyright infringement gets caught infringing copyright.

It’s all very amusing. Allen appears to have created Lily Allen’s Animal Farm, hastily rewriting the rules from “copyright good! Infringement bad!” to “Copyright good! Passing off other people’s work without attribution or payment better!”

Then again, you’re a bit daft if you’re expecting sense from an industry whose intellectual qualities peaked with Sir Mix-A-Lot’s cry of “I like big butts and I cannot lie!”

That’s an affectionate dig at Sir Mix-A-Lot, by the way. I think that line might be the greatest opening line in the history of popular music.

Update, 24 Sept: Oh dear. Techdirt has discovered Ms Allen distributing other people’s music from her own website.

Update again, 24 Sept: Oh dear. The blog appears to have been deleted now.



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