Remember that Digital Britain thing? Forget it. The government has

Me on Techradar:

Sometimes we think we’re living in Groundhog Day. “We’re going to cut off illegal downloaders!” the government will cry, before abandoning the plans. The next day, “We’re going to cut off illegal downloaders!” The next day… you get the idea.

Guess what’s happened today? That’s right! The government’s going to cut off illegal downloaders!



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  1. Hearing about this yesterday got me thinking about various vaguely related things. I remember there being some stats published by someone where they plotted the number of releases and amount spent on artist development by major labels against the supposed ‘loss’ of sales. It highlighted the trend towards simply funding what they thought would be the massive sellers (it was around the time Robbie Williams signed that £80M deal) and raking a ‘risk’ on unknowns becoming nearly non-existent.

    Does anyone remember this, or did I just imagine it. Buggered in I can find it again.

  2. Gary

    I know the one you mean, but I’ve no idea what it was called or who it was by.

    On a related note, this is interesting:

  3. Yeah I saw that.

    Much as Mr Dubber’s worldview actually coincides with my own. recently I’ve been finding myself wearying of this ‘new model’. There’s just so much stuff to be getting through that there’s no way to keep up. And, more and more I’m reckoning that most folk could really do with some sort of external adjudication, or ‘quality-control’ as we used to call it.