You’ve got to love user generated content would like you to upload your images for particular products.


User “Swimmy” has heeded the call. So if you look at Sony’s portable DVD player, you’ll see this.


Well done, Swimmy. Well done, Amazon.

4 replies on “You’ve got to love user generated content”

Maybe we should go looking to see where else people have uploaded completely irrelevant pics…

There must be others. Could be hard work finding them, though.

Or it could be viral marketing my Sony. In which case it’s the best viral marketing ever.

This is good user generated stuff. I think. Bet he’s got a blog of these pics and links. Whatever traffic is being driven there you’ve added to.


Wait a minute, you’ve got sponsored links…

I’m looking to buy a clip on guitar tuner. They all seem much of a muchness on Amazon. I cannot account for what might sway me.

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