Time to freshen up

Me? Bored with a blog design? Yep, hence the new look. The template is courtesy of WooThemes (link in footer) and the tweaking and logo were, of course, by the inimitable Ronnie Brown. As ever, expect layout weirdness for a bit.

Oh, this theme supports gravatars, so you can have pictures next to your comments. If you want.

19 replies on “Time to freshen up”

Yeah, I agree. Need to dig into the template files to work out how to do it.

I’ve had to disable the CAPTCHA anti-spam thing temporarily :(

Yeah, I tried to comment last night and it wasn’t working. Would have texted you about it, but reckoned your turning it off meant you already knew.

You getting inundated with spam yet, then?

> You getting inundated with spam yet, then?

Yep. Akismet plugin’s catching it all so far though. Just means I have to wade through it until I can get the captcha working again.

On behalf of those of us whose Identicon appears as a big freakin’ red swastika, I thank you for choosing Gravatars and not Identicons.

Heather, you know how some people believe there’s an international conspiracy to piss them off? In your case, I think it might actually exist.

> You getting inundated with spam yet, then?

CAPTCHAs definitely work. Before changing template I was getting one or two spams a week. Now, 30 in 24 hours. Akismet’s still catching them, but it’s a pain in the arse wading through them to make sure legit comments aren’t being zapped.

Heather, are you still getting the popup? Can’t make it work (Firefox and Safari on Mac with popup blocking disabled).

Weird. I didn’t do anything. Unless it happens again I’ll put it down to the twitter widget playing up.

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