Movie magic

In among the not-entirely-surprising news that the new Lars Von Trier movie is a load of crap, I discovered this gem:

Last week, the Brazilian film Embodiment Of Evil opened in the UK, including scenes of somebody eating their own buttocks and a rat running up another character’s vagina.

Why not take the kids?





0 responses to “Movie magic”

  1. “a load of crap”? I thought that was largely positive.

    Still not going anywhere near it. Fool me one time Von Triers, shame on you….

  2. Gary

    I thought the praise in the article proved beyond doubt that it was a load of crap :)

  3. Yeah, certain rave reviews really tell you how bad a film is. I’ve been to see films before on the basis of reviews which made it clear that (a) the film was a load of crap and (b) the reviewer wouldn’t know a good film if someone shone the projector up his arse. Such films are always excellent.

  4. It’s interesting that “Rick Boyer” has made, verbatim, exactly the same comment here as “AlexM” made here. What are the odds?

  5. Gary

    Oh, well spotted. Time to wield the BANHAMMER!

  6. Total coincidence that I came across that other one a couple of ays after the one here. Got severe deja vu till I figured out what was going on.