Customer service done right

I’m always moaning here, so for a change I’ll post something nice. I needed a new kitchen bin, so I ordered one from Massive Homewares in Milton Keynes. The price was good, the site was nice, the bin turned up earlier than expected and the packaging included a hand-written “massive thanks!” over the “cheers, big ears” packing tape, which made me laugh. And then I discovered the free lollipop inside. Result!





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  1. I treated myself to a handwoven bed throw from India from which came with a handwritten note of thanks from the two weavers. So refreshing in a world full of mass-produced tat.

  2. Gary

    It makes such a difference to your view of the seller, doesn’t it? The cost of a scribbled note in marker pen, funny packing tape and a lollipop is negligible, but here I am thinking “what a great firm” and blogging about it.