Why does Trent Reznor hate the internet?

A wee bit of whimsy on Techradar:

…the news that Trent Reznor’s quit the net and that 43 per cent of people without a net connection wouldn’t get online even if it was free baffled me.

Hang on, Firefox needs an update. 43 per cent? That’s…sorry, had to confirm that Firefox wasn’t malicious software. Where was I? Oh yes. 43 per cent is an extraordinary number. I understand why people might be reticent about technology, but WENSELY JUST SECURED A SAFE HOUSE IN RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL #SPYMASTER when you consider all the benefits of going online, they more than make up for @GARYMARSHALL WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE HUMMING NOISE the disadvantages.



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