When subs can’t be bloody bothered

This is fantastic. No Rock’n’Roll Fun spots a couple of typos in a People story about Mel B:

The ex-Spice Girl’s decision to move to the States had seemed liked a wise disappointed when Mum-in striptease six nights She with BELAFONTE, But enough Planet The who her career choice after she landed a lead role in burlesque-themed musical Peepshow.

And that’s one of the more coherent paragraphs.






0 responses to “When subs can’t be bloody bothered”

  1. Clearly the author never had a high school job doing proofreading in a company run by an unbalanced Vietnam Vet who would punish too many editing mistakes by making staff sit on the sofa in his office to endure a 90 minute recital of the story about that night during the Tet Offensive, punctuated by long pauses for weeping.

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. I bet he wasn’t really a Vietnam vet. Just some guy who’d come up with the perfect punishment.