Things I don’t understand: Schweppes’ UK ad campaign

There’s an amusing little advert in the papers today showing a line drawing of Parliament with the “Benefit Fraud: We’re Closing In” target superimposed on the image. It’s funny and clever, and it’s for… soft drinks. Eh?

According to the PR blurb:

‘Schweppes’ will push the boundaries with this challenging and fresh campaign by creating Hogarthian-style cartoons that reference current affairs and the news agenda, but with a strong satirical edge. The intricate print executions will be rolled out with a new creative every two weeks until the end of the year. The sheer volume of the cartoons is designed to create an ongoing dialogue with consumers, and bring to life ‘Schweppes” point of view on why experience matters in today’s society, via the witty and satirical cartoon imagery.

The campaign embodies the brand’s rich heritage in social commentary and intelligent, witty personality, whilst embracing the British appetite for this style of humour. Satire is part of popular culture today and ‘Schweppes’ reflects this quintessentially British trait.

Am I the only person who sees the ads and doesn’t immediately think of having a refreshing carbonated drink?





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  1. Ben

    It’s sod all to do with the product, it’s just an idea the Ad Agency have had that they think will bring them kudo/awards – so they tag it to the first client that will agree to it.

    It’s like the mobile phone adverts just now.. jack-all to do with the product, just using up the ad budget.

  2. Squander Two

    No, no, no. One of the major types of advertising is aspiration. It’s about associating the product with the type of person your customers might want to be. Not sure about the Schweppes thing, but that’s what most mobile network advertising is about.

  3. Jeez-o, if those cartoons are supposed to be “aspirational” then keep me away from a room full of aspirers. Surely we can all relate to debating politics whilst drinking Schweppes and recalling our favourite Hogarth cartoons. It’s like disco night in Kilmacolm.

  4. Gary

    Haha :)