Satan lives in England

Sounds about right to me

A BAFFLED gran told last night how she discovered the Devil’s footprints — in sleepy Devon.

I loved this bit:

Scientists from the Centre for Fortean Zoology inspected the prints, which were 5ins long with a stride of between 11 and 17ins… But the CFZ experts believe both tracks could have been made by an animal such as a deer — and aim to solve the riddle through further research.

The CFZ site is good for a laugh, too.





0 responses to “Satan lives in England”

  1. Gary

    Sorry to lower the tone still further, but this amused me:

  2. Squander Two

    I love the illustration for that one. Do you think it’s the real tape?

  3. Gary

    Oh, I hope so :)

  4. Ben

    We all know Satan lives in Paisley and has a holiday home in Devon…