The final word on the Chris Brown/Rihanna story

David from London pops over to the NY Post website to deliver the final word on the horrible Chris Brown/Rihanna domestic abuse story:

How ever annoyed you are with your lady Chris… you don’t beat on her brother. GEDDIT? Cut her down to size with words and deeds, not fists and(ewww)teeth. I could start throwing a few choice words Rihanna’s way today and still be slinging in a weeks time Lol. She clearly has a very inflated opinion of herself, and would probably test the patience of Mother Theresa :) but keep the thug s##t to yourself Chris. If she drives you nuts man, kick her to the kerb ( no not literally CB)WORD. Increase the peace. Shalom from London





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  1. He has since released a statement saying that he is “sorry and saddened” by the incident. Neither Chris Brown nor Rihanna have been seen in the public eye since.
    You can get the same story on Rihanna Photo