Return of the son of The Words That No Sane Person Should Use

29 tech phrases you should be punched in the face for using:

We’re told that if you give a million monkeys a million typewriters, they’d create the works of Shakespeare – but what would you end up with if you threw a million typewriters at a monkey?

The internet shows us the answer: perfectly good phrases are replaced with rubbish, grown-ups talk like toddlers, and business bullshit is everywhere.



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0 responses to “Return of the son of The Words That No Sane Person Should Use”

  1. >>20. Gratuitous LOLs

    I actually find this a bit creepy. Makes me think of Tommy Udo giggling away.

  2. Gary

    Why Tommy Udo?

  3. mupwangle

    I can’t be arsed changing the default iphone message. LOL

  4. Because he’s the archetypal giggling maniac?

  5. Squander Two


    10, 11 and 12. teh intarwebs, t’interweb and t’internet
    Some people say these terms are okay if you’re using them for comic effect. Those people are wrong.

    Are you?

  6. tm

    > t’internet

    I usually cut people some slack for that one – but then I do live in Manchester – so the people I’m dealing with often actually do talk like that…

  7. Gary

    > Are you?

    Yes. But I punch myself in the face every time I use them.

  8. Squander Two

    To be fair, pretty much any phrase is funny if you punch yourself in the face every time you use it.