Yet another reason to love Eddie Izzard

The Times reports:

Will Pike, a victim of the Mumbai terror attacks in November, had been recovering from his injuries in a South London hospital for weeks.

After falling from a makeshift rope he had manufactured from bedsheets in his room in an attempt to escape terrorists who had taken over his hotel, the 28-year-old broke three of his vertebrae, both his arms and shattered his pelvis.

One of the consequences of his fall was that he had to give up his tickets for the comedian Eddie Izzard’s show at the Lyric Theatre, London, last month. (Our critic Dominic Maxwell said of Izzard’s performance “It’s charming, it’s charismatic, it’s accomplished.”) In an attempt to cheer up his bed-bound son, Nigel Pike wrote to Izzard asking if he could send a note to Will.

…[Izzard]  unexpectedly turned up at Mr Pike’s sterile room in one of London’s spinal cord units and performed his entire 90-minute show.