New “words” that drive me nuts

I know, it’s not like me, but these drive me crazy. Any additional suggestions will, of course, be welcome:


Short for web-based seminar: a presentation, workshop or seminar delivered over the Web. So why not call it a presentation, workshop or seminar?


An episode, delivered via the Web. We don’t talk about tellysodes or radiosodes or bookysodes, do we? Not even Russell Brand does that. And that’s because it would make us sound like twats.


This crops up a lot in newspaper readers’ comments – as does its even worse friend, NuLab. It is, of course, a contraction of New Labour. Whatever the original intention, today it makes me think the poster thinks they’re really clever in a studenty kind of way. Because, like, we’re taking the New Labour branding and, you know, rebranding the rebranding! We’re using their own media spin against them! Oh, fuck off.


People who use Twitter. Every time I see it I think of Bonnie Langford as Violet Elizabeth in Just William. Come on, we’re supposed to be adults. If this one takes off the human race is doomed. Doomed!