Discovered a new blog. It’s either brilliant or terrible.

I can’t make up my mind, but this killed me:

Is there anything worse than walking through an abandoned sewer at night when a rat jumps onto the back of your neck and in your panic you fall to floor to roll around and crush it to death, then an hour later you realise that the label from your t-shirt is sticking out and the rat was only trying to tuck it in?





0 responses to “Discovered a new blog. It’s either brilliant or terrible.”

  1. mupwangle

    That’s very, very weird.

    This made me laugh “Talking to animals is probably great if you’ve got something to say, but all it’s done for me is multiply the number of things I have to avoid making eye contact with on the bus”

  2. mupwangle

    It reminds me a bit of Jack Handy.

  3. Gary

    Yeah, I thought that too. Some of the posts are really funny.

  4. It’s brilliant.

  5. The one on Charity Shops explains the mysterious success of the Da Vinci code…

  6. Squander Two

    Superb. But I can’t believe you like that yet don’t like Topic Drift.

  7. He’s just written something about twins which cracked me up and then I became aware of the blog through Twitter- then I remembered you had posted about it here – intriguing really. x

  8. Hi, as the man who made that site, thanks for your words. It’s true that there’s a lot of bad stories, some average and some good, but it would take some kind of giant computer to work out how to only put the good ones on there.

  9. Gary

    Hi Anthony, thanks for popping round. I really am enjoying the blog, you know :)

    So do you write them all yourself or do people send them in? I may be – I probably am – pretty dense, but I wasn’t sure whether the writers’ names were real or just you fooling around.

  10. Thanks. Sadly I write them all and will continue to until people start sending some in and let me take all the credit.

  11. Gary

    Heh. Good luck with it – hopefully it’ll make you rich. Or banned from several countries.