Atheist buses. For God’s sake

The much-vaunted atheist bus campaign – which, amid great hoo-ha, has plastered a couple of buses with the slogan “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” – has achieved something truly immense.

It’s annoyed a bus driver

Now, you might think that annoying a bus driver isn’t that big an achievement. And you’d be right. I can think of dozens of ways you can really upset bus drivers, including:

  • Wanting to get on a bus
  • Wanting to get off a bus
  • Not knowing the exact fare required because you’ve never travelled between those two particular points ever before in your entire life
  • Taking more than 1 picosecond to hurl the exact change into the money box
  • Attempting to sit down before the bus goes round the corner on two wheels, throwing you into the nearest pensioner
  • Existing

And so on.

But I digress. What a terrible, terrible campaign. If “smuggery” isn’t a word it bloody well should be.