Atheist buses. For God’s sake

The much-vaunted atheist bus campaign – which, amid great hoo-ha, has plastered a couple of buses with the slogan “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” – has achieved something truly immense.

It’s annoyed a bus driver

Now, you might think that annoying a bus driver isn’t that big an achievement. And you’d be right. I can think of dozens of ways you can really upset bus drivers, including:

  • Wanting to get on a bus
  • Wanting to get off a bus
  • Not knowing the exact fare required because you’ve never travelled between those two particular points ever before in your entire life
  • Taking more than 1 picosecond to hurl the exact change into the money box
  • Attempting to sit down before the bus goes round the corner on two wheels, throwing you into the nearest pensioner
  • Existing

And so on.

But I digress. What a terrible, terrible campaign. If “smuggery” isn’t a word it bloody well should be.

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Is annoying a few crazies and offending a lot of non-crazies really the best atheism can do, though? What does it achieve, beyond smug “they’ve annoyed us so we’ve annoyed them back” playground shite?

Had the campaign been inspirational rather than petty then, yeah, I can see the point: “Life is precious and short. Don’t waste a moment”, say, or something along those lines. But there’s something really punchable about the bus campaign, IMO.

The single best argument for the existence of God is that believing in him enables you to disassociate yourself from these arses.

And god forbid you try to board a bus with a baby in one arm and some sort of wheeled baby-moving apparatus in the other. You instantly unleash the driver’s 40 years of pent-up mummy issues. “Fold that stroller up and WHY’D YOU LEAVE ME ALANE WI MA GRANDPARENTS FOR TWO YEAR?”

Ah, this takes me back to the time one of my colleagues in glasgow was assaulted (no, seriously, punched in the face) by a bus for commiting the henious crime of getting on the bus and attempting to show his ticket.

Glasgow’s bus drivers are one of the things I’m never going to miss about the city. Utter, utter scum.

My favourite is the way they drive like utter bastards to shave every last second off their lap times all day but then just end up ahead of schedule and wait for five minutes at every stop and read the Evening Times for the last twenty stops of their shift. Always nice to get one of those buses.

nuthin compared to dublin bus drivers, the favourite is waiting at terminus with doors closed in the middle of winter till just before he’s due out, or just as ppl rush cross a rail bridge to catch his connecting bus, pull out and next is not for an hour

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