And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

David sent me a link to this Sun story:

RANDY reveller Emma Modrate repeatedly performed sex acts on her boyfriend in the street in front of dozens of appalled passers-by.

The article includes a photo of 26-year-old Emma, which I won’t repost here because it hurts my eyes.

What killed me wasn’t the photo, though. It was this detail, which added a bit more class to an already classy story.

At one stage a tramp stood behind the couple and chatted to Dougherty while the act was being carried out, Durham Crown Court heard.





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  1. Her face looks like it’s made entirely of spam and knuckles….

  2. I’m confused. It says “Modrate performed the act three times on her boyfriend Liam Dougherty outside Yates’ pub in Durham.
    Is he just young, incredibly virile and blind or are they counting the fact that he managed to fight her off twice in-between as three individual incidents?

  3. andi

    thanks gary, needed that

    a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, most not pleasant

    but the last paragraph just does it for me “Dougherty, of Thornley, had his case adjourned until February 27 for the preparation of a psychiatric report.”

  4. Gary

    Haha, I didn’t spot that :)

  5. tm

    Wow. I always thought the expression “looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp” was figurative, not a factual description of what someone looks like.

    >a picture is worth a thousand words

    Although in the face of that picture I’m afraid I could manage about three…

  6. Gary

    Good god. There’s another one:

    “Kelly Hunt (22) has been slapped with an anti-social behaviour order after a court heard she terrorised residents in Sleaford for months – urinating and pleasuring herself in public, assaulting neighbours and threatening a child.”

  7. Squander Two

    > Kelly Hunt (22) has been slapped with an anti-social behaviour order

    Wouldn’t it be great if that was really how they administered ASBOs?