A different kind of chip technology

simplygorgeouschunkychips_large1I love chips, but more often than not I can’t be bothered going to the chippy – and because the downstairs of Bigmouth Towers is open plan, doing proper chips at home isn’t an option either (because of the smell, the risk of burning the house down, the way it takes deep fat fryers about ten million years to cool down).

That leaves oven chips, which are quite possibly the worst invention since vegetables. So hurrah, then, for McCain’s ridiculously expensive (£2-something for 500g) but absolutely bloody brilliant Simply Gorgeous Chips.  The formula is simple enough – spuds, sunflower oil, salt and beef dripping – but by crikey, it works.





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  1. The girlfriend and I are loving the McCain Rustic Oven Chips at the moment, they are fantastic! Though, from what you described it sounds like it’s time for a change…

  2. I used to work near the Motherwell Civic Centre and – for a time – was borderline addicted to the bacon rolls served up in “Barney’s” Cafe.

    His secret? Bacon fried in beef dripping.

  3. mupwangle

    Down here most of the chippies are dripping. I really don’t like them. The only places you can get chips fried in veg oil (like in scotland) are in the halal chippies.

  4. Gary

    Ronnie, that sounds healthy ;-)

    Mupwangle, I didn’t know that. The fish is different too, isn’t it?

  5. mupwangle

    I’m not sure that they’re different, it’s just that in Scotland you ask for fish and you get fish. If you ask for fish here you might be asked “what sort?”.

    Also, most chippies aren’t open after 7pm.

  6. Graham

    This post is too light on detail for me… Taste? Texture? Colour? Smell?

    Why are they so good? These are important issues….


  7. mupwangle

    Our local tesco doesn’t do them.

  8. I like to slice new potatoes very very thin and then shallow-fry them. Add a splash of stock now and then. Mmm.

  9. Gary

    @mupwangle: nor mine. Asda does, though.

    @Graham: they’re like decent restaurant chips – golden, crispy, not horribly fluffy or hard as a rock, slight beefy taste (that’ll be the dripping). I’m not trying to be amusing here, they’re really, really good. Better than M&S or Tesco Finest ones.

  10. mupwangle

    Had some tonight. Pretty good actually.

  11. jenny

    a potato costs about 10p…Wash…slice…put in oven …..coat with oil.bake for 35mins….hey presto….oven chips…

  12. viv kelly

    i agree these chips are lovely miles better than ordinary oven chips which we dont like. trouble is finding it really hard to buy them now?