The new Xbox avatars are pretty good

And they’re available publicly at (replace “gamertag” with – yes! – your gamertag).

I’m gutted that you can’t put your avatar in a kilt – at least, not unless you want your avatar to have (a) a mini-kilt and (b) tits. Anti-Scots discrimination, or something.

[Via PlasticbagUK]





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  1. They’re cool aren’t they? Trouble is, I don’t have an Xbox :-(

    I’ve created an Xbox Live account via the web and a PC but can’t see a way to create an Avatar (only to view one that’s been created) – do I need an Xbox to create one?


  2. mupwangle

    As far as I’m aware, they’ve not updated the Live! for Windows to cover the same features as XBox Live! NXE. You will probably have to wait a little while.