One for the Glaswegians

Huge police raid on Victor Morris. Blimey.

Lethal weapons, including samurai swords and batons, were seized when officers swooped on the Victor Morris store in Argyle Street. A nearby lingerie shop, also owned by Martin Morris – Silks & Secrets – was also raided in today’s operation.

A team of 20 officers brought out weapons in protective bags from that store.





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  1. Squander Two

    Took ’em a while to notice.

    Eddie Izzard used to do a thing about musical-instrument-and-weapons shops. Came on stage in Glasgow and said “There’s this weird shop down in Bristol – don’t know if you’ve got anything like it up here” and I think the whole audience immediately thought of Victor Morris. Seems every city has one. “So you’re not sure about the guitar? How about this crossbow?” He had the salesman demonstrating the lethal use of the spike on the bottom of the cello.

  2. Hang on. Forget the weapons.

    Superintendent Bob Hamilton, head of the violence reduction unit at Strathclyde Police, said: “Months of intelligence has led us to believe that second-hand goods have allegedly been sold from Victor Morris and Silks & Secrets.

    “Both premises were searched under warrant and it is believed the goods were sold without a licence to deal in second-hand goods.

    There’s nothing alleged about it. They sell second-hand goods, yes. Hardly a secret. They’re displayed in the window. So what took the police months of intelligence work? Checking a filing cabinet somewhere to see if they had a licence?

  3. Alexander Brown

    I agree with squander two, there is no allegedness about what they sell, for starters if they had stuff that was prohibited, then it would be hidden and not offered to everyone from the street, only to certain people. I think the police should hand the stuff back and put recomendations that they cut down the number of weapons they sell and request two forms of matching id. The instrument side is great thought, hope they get back into business soon.

  4. Gary

    There must be more to it than selling second-hand stuff without a licence – as you say, it’s not as if it was a secret.

  5. Gary

    And: if it were just a licence issue, wouldn’t it be a job for trading standards rather than 20-odd cops?

  6. m8381

    This Mr Martin Morris serves you correctly. As a previous employee, I am delighted to see you get f8&ked. You threw a guitar amplifier at my head man. I was not the first employee to be injured by the hand of Martin Morris and his seemingly devoted employees.

    I hope there is more for Martin where this came from, and yes it is fully deserved.


  7. mupwangle

    I’m guessing you’re not speaking in the third person and not wishing more violence on yourself. Unless, of course, you’re an emo.