Music piracy: solved!

It turns out that the answer to music piracy is simple: a logo!

Various download sites have unveiled a new “MP3: 100% Compatible” logo that – according to them – won’t just emphasise the cross-platform nature of MP3s, but will also help in the fight against piracy.

I love The Inquirer’s take on it:

You can now be safe in the knowledge that any MP3 files you download fron the INQ are safe and legal. Honest. Look we’ve got a logo and everything.

These download sites have a little more in mind than educating on MP3 compatibility – the trade body behind this initiative highlighted how this would identify legal download sites to consumers. Of course anyone brazen enough to offer millions of pounds worth of other people’s copyrighted music and movies would be in really big trouble if they were daring enough to copy and paste a logo onto a website (like we just did for example).






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  1. Totally off topic, but your column in this month’s .net was spot on. I despair at receiving weekly development emails full of chirpy Californian insistence that I “leverage Twitter for small business success!” That really goes down well with my clients in small town Scotland who are still using dialup and Windows 98. Or it would, if I wasted my breath on it.

    Recently being quoted in A List Apart led to an interesting observation on how many people searched for my nonexistent profiles on various social media and networking sites, rather than sending me a bloody email. If you want to talk to me, talk to me, don’t leverage me in your application.

  2. Gary

    Thanks :) It’s not that I’m against this stuff – if you want to tune in to my twitter crap I’m Kasino721 – but I do think there’s a big gap between the tech “elite” and the real world. What’s really cool to the former is often pointless and annoying to the latter.