Childproofing your cupboards? These are brilliant

Baby Bigmouth has become rather keen on trying to find knives, bleach and matches for some kind of bleachy stabby burny game, so it’s time to childproof the kitchen. And what a pain in the arse that is. There are all kinds of cupboard locks, latches and catches, and all the ones I’ve looked at so far are a real pain to put in. So I’m quite chuffed with this:

It’s the Babydan cupboard lock, and it uses adhesive pads rather than screws. Although if the adhesive doesn’t hold, there are screws too. Installation is a piece of piss, it works on cupboards and on drawers, and so far at least the glue seems tough enough to hold everything in place (although they say it takes 24 hours for the adhesive to properly take hold, and you shouldn’t use any cupboards or drawers in the meantime. That’s not exactly practical).

There’s one big downside, though, and that’s the price: just shy of four quid per catch, although it gets cheaper the more you buy. Then again, if it stops your kid drinking bleach or stealing your cigarettes, it’s money well spent.

I suspect the catches may also prevent me going for packets of crisps when I’m pissed. Bonus!