Baby Bigmouth is a year old today

I know what you’re thinking. Will there be jelly? Yes. Yes, there will.

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>>Will there be jelly? Yes. Yes, there will.

The bigger question is – will you give any to Sophie or just run round the house pretending to be a jellymonster?

I’ll continue the new family tradition I started last year and celebrate tomorrow. ;-)

Happy Birthday!

We did the full kids’ birthday party thing last year, with many toddlers. At the end of it, I thought, blimey, that was probably the most intense four hours of my life. Then Vic pointed out it had lasted one hour.

I can now say “Happy Birthday”!

BTW – the comments bit on the right seems to be broke on my work PC. It’s just showing recent posts twice.

Yeah, thanks. It’s amazing how much mess a 1-year-old can make with a single jelly.

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