Kissing Kurt

As a parent, you hope that your children will like some of the things you like – so it’s nice to see Baby Bigmouth’s love of music, and her fascination with books (for now she’s fascinated by them as objects. Nine months is a bit young for reading, heh). But yesterday she excelled herself: she pointed at the bookcase, climbed on the sofa to reach it, pulled out a Kurt Vonnegut book and sat back down with it. She then pointed at the picture of Vonnegut on the cover, turned to me and made her “what’s that?” face.

“That’s Kurt Vonnegut,” I said. “He was one of daddy’s favourite writers.”

Baby Bigmouth made her “oh!” face.

She looked at the photo for a moment, pulled the book towards her and gave Vonnegut a kiss.

Awww, I thought. She’s going to be a reader!

Baby Bigmouth beamed, and then punched me in the face.

Oh no! She’s going to be a critic!





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  1. Daisy loves gadgets, and is pretty good with them, too. She had this musical arch thing when she was a baby, and there was a whole suite of songs that she could get it to play but we couldn’t, despite loads of experimentation. She knows how to turn the DVD player on and off and open the DVD tray — using either the buttons on its front or the remote — plus she’s reprogrammed all our TV’s stations, something that we can never figure out how to do. Took her about a minute.

    She does also punch me in the face. She also likes to just take a big handful of my face and grab and heave. It’s utter fucking agony, and prising her fingers apart ain’t easy. She thinks it’s hilarious.