God help us if there’s a war

The youth of today, eh?

For most people, losing out on the chance of a new job is not something you want to shout about. But rather than keep it quiet, Darren Mirren failed to show up for his interview and then sued the employer when he could not find his way to the office

The Evening Times picks up on the story.

The youngster said: “It wasn’t my fault.

“I was unable to get there because they didn’t give me any directions.

“I felt it was discrimination because of my age.”

Discrimination because you’re an idiot, more like.

There’s a serious point here, though. The firm was remarkably patient with the kid, the case was clearly groundless, and yet the employer still loses – because lawyers don’t work for free.

There’s something very wrong when someone who can’t find their own arse with both hands can shout “help! I’m being oppressed!” and cost a company a fortune, even when the company’s in the right.