ASDA wants to edit your magazines

Bloody hell.

Asda has come under fire from independent magazine publishers for proposed alterations to distribution arrangements that include the supermarket being given editorial space in the publications it stocks…

Asda’s demands include a request for two pages of editorial or advertising space each month in titles of the company’s choosing.

And there’s an increase in the bribes – I can’t think of a better way of describing it – it demands to put magazines onto the shelves.

shop space given over to a distributor’s titles will be subject to a “space contribution” of £10,000 paid to the supermarket.

Asda is asking for a space contribution for each new Asda store opened of £2,500 per magazine title to be paid to the supermarket.

The supermarket company is also demanding that any new title distributed in its stores will be subject to an “item set up” charge of £2,464.

I know I keep saying this, but seriously: if you value a particular magazine, take out a subscription. It’ll save you money too.





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  1. Gary

    Quick update: the guardian reports that ASDA has backed down. It was an overenthusiastic newbie, apparently.

  2. This is sadly commonplace in US supermarkets for magazine, newspaper and book placement, and no different to what goes on in both US and UK supermarkets for product placement and shelf space for food and other non-food items (except the advertising bit obviously).

    Space contribution charges, merchandising set-up fees, all everyday occurences, and are often one of the reasons why small food brands struggle to get into major supermarket chains – not because they can’t meet the unit costs supermarts push for or even the order quantities, but because they can’t afford the fees to get on the shelf in the first place.

  3. Gary

    Hi Chris. You’re absolutely right, of course. “Sadly commonplace” sums it up.