Take me up the wheelie bin!

ONE of the most recent surveys to delve into the sex lives of Scots painted a portrait of a broadminded people accepting of preferences and practices which might differ from their own and willing to be adventurous in their own relationships.

The study found that 90 per cent of Scots said they were open and non-judgmental, with most engaging in sexual activity on average 29 times a month. Twenty-two per cent of people asked had had sex on a beach, while one respondent even admitted to having sex in a wheelie bin.





0 responses to “Take me up the wheelie bin!”

  1. Hands up who has sex 29 times a month.

  2. Gary

    I doubt they’d have the energy to raise their hand.

  3. Gary

    …particularly if the 29 times were solo.

  4. mupwangle

    on AVERAGE 29 times a month. There are many people who don’t have sex at all, therefore lots of people must be having sex 10 times a day!

  5. Gary

    In wheelie bins! No wonder the binmen are always on strike.

  6. Or maybe it is the binmen. Which is why so many people can never get the lids shut.

  7. Gary

    Heh heh.