Spam as an economic indicator

Instead of the usual horse porn and herbal viagra, the last week’s spam crop has been largely about money: insanely high-APR car finance, insanely high-APR credit cards, insanely high-APR personal loans and the like. Most of it for UK companies. Anybody else noticing the same thing, or am I just lucky?

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Just you then.

Mine are a bit more pill related than porn at the moment. No loans but the odd 419er.

yeah I’ve always recievded quite a few financial related ones (and bizzarely, one particularly persistent chap trying to sell me real estate in manhattan) and I haven’t noticed any particular change in the mix recently.

I have. I’m getting loads of job offers at the moment. Obviously just a new way to try and get your bank details, but far more convincing than the usual deposed-millionaire-prince crap, I have to say. One email even offered to hire me as a mail model, but obviously that wasn’t spam.

Coincidentally, Spam (the tinned meat) has become an economic indicator for the U.S. as well. 2Q profits for Hormel/Spam have gone up by 14% and its been attributed to the recent spike in inflation – specifically cost of grocery/food (fuel surcharges et al).

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