Spam as an economic indicator

Instead of the usual horse porn and herbal viagra, the last week’s spam crop has been largely about money: insanely high-APR car finance, insanely high-APR credit cards, insanely high-APR personal loans and the like. Most of it for UK companies. Anybody else noticing the same thing, or am I just lucky?





0 responses to “Spam as an economic indicator”

  1. mupwangle

    Just you then.

    Mine are a bit more pill related than porn at the moment. No loans but the odd 419er.

  2. tm

    yeah I’ve always recievded quite a few financial related ones (and bizzarely, one particularly persistent chap trying to sell me real estate in manhattan) and I haven’t noticed any particular change in the mix recently.

  3. I have. I’m getting loads of job offers at the moment. Obviously just a new way to try and get your bank details, but far more convincing than the usual deposed-millionaire-prince crap, I have to say. One email even offered to hire me as a mail model, but obviously that wasn’t spam.

  4. Male model, rather. Although the idea of posing while holding envelopes is kind of interesting.

  5. I’m just amazed how many people would like to invite me to a casino. And for some reason they’re all from Germany.

  6. Lis

    Coincidentally, Spam (the tinned meat) has become an economic indicator for the U.S. as well. 2Q profits for Hormel/Spam have gone up by 14% and its been attributed to the recent spike in inflation – specifically cost of grocery/food (fuel surcharges et al).